Randy Blankenship
Randy 4 Mayor 2018

Erlanger Mayor 2018

Randy Blankenship 

Ready To Lead.

I grew up in Erlanger. I raised my children in Erlanger. I planted my business in Erlanger. I've served on City Council in Erlanger. I'm READY to serve as Mayor of Erlanger.



On City Council we are in the process of forming a Tax Incentive Finance District (TIF) to spur development, especially for the Showcase Cinemas property. I'm committed to seeing that Erlanger's economy thrives with opportunities for everyone.


A healthy school system is vital to attracting and retaining committed families to our City. I'm committed to supporting the Erlanger-Elsmere and Kenton County School Districts and their vast academic and extracurricular programs that enrich the lives of our future leaders.


I believe collaboration is the key to getting things done. Erlanger deserves a Mayor who will build consensus, not cause unneeded conflict. I'm committed to working with City Council, community leaders, residents, and business owners to make Erlanger prosper for all its residents.

Police, Fire, & Emergency services

When I first joined Council, I was on the Fire/EMS Committee. Working with the Fire Chief and Patty Suedkamp, we were able to bring Advanced Life Support services to Erlanger and, working collectively with other cities, we contracted to provide ALS to other cities as well, reducing costs to Erlanger. I'm committed to supporting those who support us in our time of need.

Parks & Recreation

I'm committed to maintaining and expanding our city parks. Our community needs safe places to play and build strong relationships with our neighbors.


Sadly, all of us know a family who has been impacted by the heroin epidemic. We need to work with our neighboring cities, Kenton County officials, and people throughout our region to bring this devastation to an end. In Erlanger, we have encouraged the development of treatment centers and we will continue to seek innovative methods to deal with this crisis. 

Fiscal Responsibility

I have been chair of the Finance Committee for 5 years. In that time, we have balanced the budget every year, never raised taxes, and lowered the tax rate 3 times. I'm committed to making Erlanger work for you.

Municipal services 

Erlanger residents deserve best-in-class services. This requires us to hire and retain top quality employees who perform excellent work. I'm committed to maintaining or improving these services in order to grow and cultivate a thriving community.


A great city is that which has the greatest men and women, If it be a few ragged huts it is still the greatest city in the whole world.
— Walt Whitman


Ready to Listen.

I would love to hear from you. What are your concerns? What are you excited about? How can we make Erlanger a great place to live and work?

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What are you excited about? What are your concerns? How can we make Erlanger a great place to live and work?